ООО Niva Group LLC 

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ООО Niva Group LLC 

Speed. Quality. Price. Expertise. Vision. Niva Group's mission as a company to bring affordable, fast and professional service to everyone in Pennsylvania, New Jersey. That is why we open offices in different states and help our customers experience the same level of customer service at every location. Using latest technologies helps us stay on top of our competition, plan, organize and proceed with workflow seamlessly as well as keeping our customers updated about the job progress on a daily basis. We know that the most painful thing about roofing - will it be new construction or existing property - is deadlines. Here at Niva Group, we work side by side with our customers to help them plan every single step of our work and organize the whole process to fit in their vision and plans. Working close with developers, we know the latest trends and techniques in design and construction. We have a long list of new materials that come to market and all of our employees and subcontractors receive first hand training from manufacture representatives to keep manufacture warranty and certifications in place as well as to make sure our customers really get tailor-made solutions combined with appropriate expertise at a fair and accurate price. One of the cornerstones of our mission is to be a leader in the roofing industry. Using the latest technologies and expertise alone isn't the panacea, we strive to provide a superior customer service, operating with honesty, integrity and practicing safety in the workplace. Finally, our mission as a company is to treat our staff, our customers and suppliers the way we would treat ourselves, with mutual respect and sensitivity, valuing their contributions.

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